SGG Food Drive for Haiti

Dear Friends in Christ,
Blessings and joys for Advent, and how happy the good Lord must be whenever we reach out to those who need His love!!!

On behalf of the Compassionate Franciscan Sisters of The Poor (CFSOP), we write to kindly express our sincerest appreciation for your tremendous generosity in participating in the YCDSB ONE-FOR-HAITI FOOD DRIVE, in support of our works of mercy among the poor children and mountain villages of Viloux, Les Cayes, Haiti.  God bless you, and every child, student, parent, teacher, staff member, volunteer and friend who contributed to the Food Drive relief effort, to help our 25 mountain villages recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Matthew and Hurricane Irma. You are all an inspiration to us!

Be glad and rejoice with us also — for the container has already arrived in Viloux, Haiti! Yeah!!!  Our dear Sister Maria Concepcion Diaz, CFSOP, can now begin again preparing proper meals and to feed over 320 poor children and suffering families each day – all because of God’s merciful kindness and love flowing from your generous hearts! How incredible it is when we all selflessly work together for Christ Jesus and His poor!

In a very special way, we wish to thank our Director, Pat Preston, all the YCDSB Trustees and Board members, Silvana Greco, Mary Cosentino, Kathleen Westmaas, Sera Rossi, Carol Spicer and so many more, for approving and successfully launching and supporting the 1-4-Haiti Food Drive, and for making it the remarkable success it has been. We also thank God immensely for you, our dear Principals, for embracing and encouraging this dynamic outpouring of support.  May you all be forever blessed for the great love you have shown to the children of Haiti!

Be assured of our prayers and gratitude always and we pray and look forward to the joy of visiting you in the coming Year.  Please do continue to help us to spread God’s love and to bring His light and hope to others. Come and visit us someday soon in Haiti, and fellowship and share with our beautiful children and poor humble families, way up in the peaceful pristine mountain villages of Viloux.  Merry Christmas when it comes, and may God bless you, and all your dear children, and the entire York Catholic School Family, and fill each of you with His heavenly peace and joy this Christmas!

United in the Heart of Jesus and Mary,

Mother Joy Surtida,CFSOP          Sr. Myrna Velasco,CFSOP

Fr. Brian Kerr, MOP

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