Dress Code

The uniform fosters respect for the school community. It is a constant reminder of the ideals and objectives to which those who have come to St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy have committed themselves.

We ask that you kindly review the components of the school uniform with your child(ren). The uniform is an important part of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy’s identity and we seek your support in maintaining a proper uniform policy. Compliance with the uniform policy is dependent on a partnership between students, the school staff and our parent community. When worn properly, the uniform provides an attractive, classy mode of dress, giving dignity to our students and enhancing our school image. The uniform also provides the means to quickly identify our students and visitors – an important part of our school safety plan. The school uniform must be worn on all school days of the year unless otherwise specified. The uniform must be worn to and from school. Appropriate athletic uniforms and athletic shoes are required to be worn in gym class and at athletic events for students from grades 4 to 8.

St. Gregory the Great Uniform

  • Charcoal Grey Pants
  • Navy Walking Shorts
  • Navy Skort (for girls)
  • White or Navy Golf Shirt (short or long sleeve)
  • White Turtleneck Sweater
  • Black or White (or combination) Footwear

In addition, students may wear a SGG branded navy sweater or cardigan over their shirt or turtleneck.

Please note:

  • Kindly ensure that your child’s name/initials are marked clearly on the inside of their uniform items
  • ‘Heeley’ style shoes are not permitted
  • Hats are not to to be worn inside the building
  • Students are discouraged from wearing any jewellery and earrings, if worn, should not be larger than the size of a nickel (for safety reasons)
  • Students are not to wear make-up to school
  • During the wet or winter weather, boots are not to be worn in the building. At all times during the school year, students are both encouraged and expected to have a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes at school.

Gym Uniform

All students in grades 4 – 8 are required to wear a gym uniform consisting of the following items with school insignia:

  • White T-shirt
  • Shorts or Sweat Pants

These items can also be purchased through our supplier, DGN-Kilters.

Outdoor Clothing

During the cold weather seasons, parents/guardians are reminded to ensure that children come appropriately dressed for outdoor recess routines.

The following are considerations for ensuring students are best prepared:

  • Dress in layers of loose-fitting clothing; outer-wear should be waterproof
  • Wear mittens and gloves to keep hands warm; an additional pair of mittens or gloves might be helpful for wet winter weather
  • Snow pants must be worn for students playing in the snow
  • Wear warm hats or toques with ear protection
  • Scarves and facemarks will help keep faces warm
  • Wear warm woolen socks; extra socks are strongly recommended

St. Gregory the Great Uniform Provider

The school uniform may be purchased through DGN Kilters – Inc. located at 1500 Bonhill Road in Mississauga, Ontario. Periodically, DGN Kilters will visit the school site with their mobile store. DGN Kilters can be contacted by telephone at 905-670-6766 or email at info@dgn-kilters.com. Their website can be accessed at: www.dgn-kilters.com.

St. Gregory the Great Uniform Swap

The SGG Uniform Swap is held during Curriculum Night in September and during Parent/Teacher Interviews in November. Gently used and laundered uniforms in good condition can be brought to school during the first week of September. During the uniform swap, previously loved uniform items can be swapped for something items that may be a better fit for your child. Alternatively, a monetary donation can also be made toward a uniform item that you may need. Our Catholic School Council directs the monies collected to a local charity.


Should you have additional questions, please refer to YCDSB Policy 219A: Elementary Student Dress Code, speak with your child’s teacher or contact the school’s administration.