Pick Up/Drop Off Routine

Pick Up, Drop Off & Parking Safety

Please note the following if you are planning to drive your children to SGG …

The emergency lane and bus route are exclusively for emergency vehicles and buses; vehicles are not permitted to drive into this area

Northside of Greenpark Blvd.

  • Kindly refrain from parking within 9 metres of the school driveways as buses require this area to turn safely. This area is posted as a No Stopping Zone.
  • Parents and guardians are welcome to drop off their children on the north side of Greenpark Boulevard directly in front of the school between the posted No Parking signage and east of the speed bumps Please note: “Park” or “Parking” when prohibited means the Standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when Standing temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers;
  • Vehicles must not park or be left unattended
  • Drivers/Motorist’s Vehicles may not stop or leave their vehicles unattended on Greenpark Boulevard west of the school’s west parking lot exit
  • Parents that choose to escort their children onto the school property, parking is permitted for a maximum period of three hours on the north side of the roadway east of the school property (adjacent to parkland).

Southside of Greenpark Blvd.

  • There is no stopping or parking on the south side of Greenpark Avenue as indicated by the posted signage directly opposite the frontage of the school property. Please note: “Stop” or “Stopping” when prohibited, means the halting of a vehicle, even momentarily, whether occupied or not

Parents and Guardians are urged to pay close attention to all street signage.

When walking in front of the school and in the parking lot area where there may be moving vehicles, please exercise caution and make use of walkways to the east and west of the school property. As many parents wish to drop off their children, please be respectful of one another. Once children have been dropped off, please clear the area of vehicles so that others may do the same.

Parents, guardians and students are also encouraged to use active travel methods to come to school. Walking, jogging, or bike riding to school are great ways to get some daily exercise and there are many studies linking student success and well-being to daily exercise and movement.

Please note that parents and guardians are not permitted on the school yard for morning routines, however, they are encouraged to pick up their children from the back of the school at dismissal times. Only students taking the bus will be permitted to exit the building at the end of the day from the front doors. All other students will exit from either the back doors or kindergarten pen.

Kindly note that morning supervision does not begin until 8:35 am. Supervision for students either in the building or outside on the yard is not available until 8:35 am. For parents needing to drop students off to school before supervision begins, please contact the Before and After School Care Program (St. Gabriel Childcare Centre) for more information.

Thank you for following these rules and routines. Safety is our collective responsibility.

aerial image of school and parking areas